Related Works

This is an excerpt from Those Who Touch the Fire, near the end of the story. Embla has traveled to the distant Coast of Night, in search of the last material she needs to have the sword made: a star. It is a lonely place where the sun never rises, and there she finds the well she was sent to draw the star from. She leaves her horse, Ashwind, behind, and goes forward alone.

A non-canonical "short" story, done as an exercise in writing the main characters. It concerns Rain and Chelwen in their travels, as they encounter a spectral wolf that is stalking a mountain village. However, as they begin investigating to help the townsfolk, they find there's something darker going on than they first thought.

A non-canonical, two-part short-story, Progress shows a middle stage in the party's interpersonal relationship, where Reva has begun to bond with the dwarf, Anjroce, whose gruff ways tend to turn people away. It explores Reva's view of the world and the people around her as the group signs on to save a village from a group of vampires nesting nearby.

Unrelated Works

A short-story independent of any larger project, this was a quickly-written and little-edited piece I wrote because I had the idea for the main character. The story concerns a young noblewoman named Ilana Goldengrass, who is on an unspecified journey which takes her through the small, river town of Meyer's Crossing.

A (very short) short-story I wrote for a class in college, based off of an older idea I had. It's a "zombies-but-don't-say-zombies" thing that I would call "artfully vague" in terms of what the threat actually is.