What is Elessic?

Elessic is a constructed language used in my writings, specifically those which pertain to Elves. The language is intended to be representative of an Elven tongue, with its features and structure modeled after the culture of these Elves.


In designing this language, I have worked with certain goals in mind:

  1. The language must be attractive both in its sounds and in its written appearance. If I find a word that isn’t pretty in context, I change it.

  2. The language must be clear and unambiguous. This applies to grammar as well as phonology, and I have worked hard to keep meanings distinct. As of now, I am not allowing words to have disparate definitions

  3. The language must be simple, lacking exceptions. To this end, the language operates under the rule that a word’s class is static and can only be altered by the application of suffixes.