Current Efforts

I'm currently working on Embla, and have been making daily progress. Which is fantastic, I guess, but I find myself a bit discouraged by it.

I've started at the beginning, filling in all the blanks I've left as I go. I'm nearly 10,000 words in at this point (the story's total length currently is ~65,000, if I had to guess) and there are certainly some rough spots, but I suppose that's what editing's for.

One continued issue is the story's name, which was never meant to be Embla, and which I do not intend to leave as "Embla." In fact, Embla wasn't even intended to be named "Embla," it was simply a placeholder name (one of many I use) that stuck around longer than most as I reworked the plot.

The story actually followed an interesting path through its early development, but that's a story for another time.